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Get swift and dependable attestation services in the UAE with Attest247. Our expert team ensures the quickest and most reliable attestation solutions for your documents. Streamline your attestation process today! You can’t just give over a document from another nation when you need to utilise it in the UAE. To prove that a document may be trusted in the UAE, a chain of proof is required. Attestation is the name for this procedure.

We understand how difficult this can be, especially if you are no longer in the nation where your document was issued. As experts in attesting all types of documents, we understand how difficult it can be.

We provide professional certificate attestation services. We assist clients in obtaining attestation or consular approval for their documents and statements

Document Attestation & True copy Attestation

In the UAE, a family VISA is only available to an expat’s or migrant’s direct dependents (immediate family), such as a wife, children, parents, and so on.

Embassy Attestation

Embassy attestation service

Without attestation, neither administrative specialists nor private associations will not accept certificates. As a result, you must complete the attestation before mailing the credentials for employment, education, migration, or comparison purposes.

When you need to use an important document for legal purposes but don’t want to lose the original, you can use a certified true copy.

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We provide you with the most accurate information possible. We deal with professional interpreters both in the UAE and around the world. We’ll get the job done quickly with the help of a professional and prompt dispatch.

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Our pickup team reach you and collect the documents for attestation with just a call at 043300011.

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Its our responsibility to take care of your documents and process the it quickly with most care.

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Affordable and reasonable price makes us standout and we also provide with card payment option.

At Mofauae, we simplify things for you.

MOFA Attestation Services” can help you with a variety of things. We inform our clients on the status of their declarations as they go through the attestation/Apostille legitimization process. Furthermore, our customers can reach out to our experts by dialling a complimentary number. Our staff made a concerted effort to provide the best and most client-friendly administrations possible.

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As experts in attesting all types of documents, we understand how difficult it can be. We simplify things for you.