About Us

Welcome to MOFA Attestation Services

“MOFA Attestation Services” can help you with a variety of things. A confirmation or consular attestation verifies the authenticity of documents before they may be accepted by the government or business establishment. Our staff made a concerted effort to provide the best and most client-friendly administrations possible. 

Who Are We

At Mofa Attestation, we assist clients in obtaining attestation or consular approval for their documents and statements. We provide professional certificate attestation services. We inform our clients on the status of their declarations as they go through the attestation/Apostille legitimization process. 

Our Mission

We work in every aspect of the documentation industry, including attestation, translation, and visa administrations, among other things. When you delegate the responsibility of gathering your credentials to the MOF Attestation Services group, you can rest assured that our administrations will be of the highest quality.

What We Do

How It Works


Free Document Pickup With A Call

Our dedicated team will reach you to pick the documents at free of cost with a call.


Document Attestation Processing

We will do the attestation process and handover the attested documents to you.


Return Document Back To Door

We will hand over documents & payments can be done either by cash or cards.

Why Choose Us?

Our pickup and delivery team will reach you to pick the documents at free of cost with a call and return back the attested documents.

We at mofauae provide 24x 7 complete support. Contact us with out hesitate to reach the get the best service in document Attestation.

To make payments more easier for our customers, we provide you with card payment option. 

When it comes to the fees, we offers the best reliable service with at reasonable price. Contact us for further details.

Need Help In Document Attestation, UAE?

As experts in attesting all types of documents, we understand how difficult it can be. We simplify things for you.