How much time does the UAE Attestation process take?

uae attestation service

There are several steps involved in obtaining the UAE Embassy verification certificate. Before receiving the final consular stamp, the Certificate must first undergo some required primary legalisation from the various authorised departments. As a result, the process of certificate attestation in the UAE typically takes 15 to 20 working days. The length of time depends on the type of document and the location where it was issued, though there are a few ways to expedite the procedure. Message us.

Only authentic certificates may be used to obtain an attestation. Therefore, the latter must appear to be in better condition; every signature and stamp must be legible and clear. It must also be free of any markings or labels from alien species.

Required original certificate that you need Attestation ID proof, such as a copy of a passport or civil identification card, etc. Company Covering Letter in Favor of The Consular, Embassy of UAE for Commercial Documents.

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